Who is michael corinthos dating

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Starr doesn't want to go to her father's and Michael is debating on which father he wants to go to (either to the Quartermaine's, with his biological father, AJ or to Sonny's, his adoptive father).Starr says that they can stay at the apartment and they end up having sex. Starr helps Michael and AJ in trying to figure out the secret ingredient of the pickle ralish. In middle of March, Starr gets a call from Langston Wilde, friend and adoptive daughter of Starr's great-aunt from OLTL, calls from Los Angeles.Sonny's intensity and strength are necessary when balancing fatherhood, love, and business.

Those who love him know there's more than meets the eye.

Starr helps Michael deal with the arrival of the precieved died Michael's father A. Carly is there to apologize, but later gets into an argument over Michael wanting to work with AJ.

December 26 (Christmas episode with the setting as the 24th), Michael and Starr try to figure out which place to go to.

Later became Michael's adoptive father.-Sought treatment for his bipolar disorder with the help of his friends and family.

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The Bad and the Ugly-Grew up with an abusive stepfather.-Slept with Carly when she was dating his best friend Jason.-Various tragedies that befell his son, Michael, because of him - including getting shot, falling into a coma and being sent to jail for murder.-Shot his own son, Dante.-Cheated on Olivia with Ava Jerome in a crypt.-Shot AJ Quartermaine and lied about it to Michael.