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However, he assures us that there is nothing to worry about and that reality TV does not necessarily depict reality. They tried to make it look like I was making up things and all the time I was telling the truth.’ In discussion with the R&B star, his main bone of contention seems to lie with the band’s former manager, Screwface.‘I definitely think they did some crazy edits with that. ‘Yeah, we [Que and Screwface] had a lot of big arguments about the business side of things. One of the band members, who managed to meet Diddy’s very high standards, was 22-year-old music graduate Qwanell Mosley, from Rochester, New York. While scouring the US for male singers to front his R&B supergroup, every moment was simultaneously filmed for Diddy’s reality show Making the Band. After we witnessed all the tears, fights and shock dismissals, eventually five young men of the very highest triple-threat calibre were chosen and Day26 was unleashed on the world.Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs had a grand vision: to create the biggest-selling boyband the world had ever seen. With Diddy’s wisdom and creativity fuelling the young Que’s talent, he was propelled straight into the life of an R&B star.The brilliance behind such stars as Jodeci, Mary J Blige and Notorious B. Where other band members found it hard to cope not only with the very tough taskmaster that is Sean Combs, but also their newfound lifestyles and the sheer hard work involved with such a project, Que seemed to sail through the entire process, emerging without so much as a hair out of place.Here, in his first and only UK interview, Que finally sets the record straight.He puts all the rumours to bed and turns a fresh page to the next chapter of his life, love and career as a solo artist.

However, after falling in love on TV in front of the world’s scrutiny, both parties have decided on more of a ‘Jay-Z/Beyonce’ type of approach to their relationship from now on. ‘At first it was fun on TV and having that experience, but after a while it gets overwhelming.

I’m not about to be a slave to his system.’ As much as no one wants to be ripped off, doesn’t it appear strange that only Que took issue with the business side of things, whereas the other four members of the group seemed to have no problem with their finances or management? I don’t know why they didn’t have a problem with it. I’m all for the illusion of hustling and doing it for fun, but I don’t like pretending.

I have a family; I like to eat; I like to go on vacation… I don’t know why they didn’t want the business in order.’ Did Diddy give him the chop?

Initially scouted by Diddy – who is renowned for his relentless work ethic and unsympathetic iron fist when dealing with any kind of troublemakers or time-wasters to his camp – people automatically assumed he was responsible for the chop decision. Making the Band made it seem like it was Puff, because that is Puff’s show. That contract is like your life.’ We have so far established that Que is not crazy, that Diddy wasn’t behind his sacking, and that his only issue was with the group’s management and the business side of things. That is how I became (for want of a better word) a celebrity.

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However, Que explains that this is absolutely not the case. Everybody thought it was Puff, but it wasn’t him; it was always Screwface I was talking about and that I had the problems with. When we had meetings at the label, I wasn’t invited to meetings. Yet even though the dust has now settled between Que and his former bandmates, their relationships remain slightly strained. Being part of such a tight unit, who we saw laugh together, cry together and grow from boys to men, as they embarked on the rags to riches journey that many young artists dream of, surely it must hurt not being a part of that anymore and also to lose four of his closest friends? That’s how I won the BET award, that’s who I got nominated for all these awards across the world with.’ Diddy Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard Another very close bond formed on Making the Band, was Que’s relationship with Dawn Richard.

I’m very cool, I’m very humble, I have respect and I was raised properly. ‘He had two contracts that he had us signed to, an A26 contract and a Star Struck Management contract, and he was sending cheques from both contracts.

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