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Inspired by Wipo's Victimae Paschali, Martin Luther (1546) wrote a dramatic Easter hymn which became a favorite church song among the German Lutherans and later in may other Protestant congregations: It was a strange and wondrous war, When death and Life did battle.

With royal might did Life prevail, Made death His knave and chattle.

Neale in 1862; the tune for the English text is taken from a German melody composed by Johann H. The tune was adopted from a German song by Johann Horn, printed in Nurnberg in 1544.

"The Day of Resurrection" () is sung in its original Greek text at the midnight service of the Greek Church, when the faithful light their candles before going to Communion.

Charles Wesley (1788) gave us various Easter songs; here are the first and last stanzas of his best-known hymn: The world itself keeps Easter Day, And Easter larks are singing; And Easter flow'rs are blooming gay, And Easter buds are springing. The Lord of all things lives anew, And all His works are living too. This text both in the original Latin or in translations has been set to music by several composers and sung in churches of all Christian denominations.

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, still sung in all Catholic churches during the liturgy of the Easter vigil, is a later formulation of such an ancient hymn.Another recent carol is the poem "O Who Shall Roll Away the Stone? The text is a fourteenth-century Latin poem, and is sung both in Gregorian chant and various musical settings all through the Easter season.