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14-Sep-2016 19:44

However it’s quite possible (probable) that this is all for a video shoot and nothing more.Well either way, now’s as good a time as ever to show you some more pics of the woman who’s broken the Internet a few times before.Cyn wrote, “When the vibes are good, the times are fun @Joe Budden.” Basically, the internet is dying.There are two camps, people who think Cyn can do much better than Joe and people who think Joe is the man for snagging a beauty like sometimes comedian, sometimes rapper Cyn. Are they going to appear on Love & Hip Hop together?on and off for years and while they are currently off and Jose is taking a season off the show, that doesn't mean that she has been drama-free.

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Budden was the first to make their relationship public as he revealed that Santana was planning a surprise to celebrate his 36th birthday, which was August 31.

And recently fans have been talking about his alleged romance with former with fellow “Love & Hip Hop” co-star Cyn Santana.