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Get part three delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to i Speak. Catch up now – Performance and Validation of Ozone Generation for Pharmaceutical Water Systems – Part 1.Sizing This is the amount of ozone the generator produces, based on the dosage needed to establish proper oxidation and disinfection.Calculations for sizing an ozone generator and mass transfer system are based on temperature of the water, contact time (see “Compensating for ozone half-life,” below), ozone concentration and half-life, volume of water to be treated, and flow rates.A known MTE from a well-designed and verified system with uniform mixing, therefore, will ensure the water is in contact with the ozone long enough and at a concentration high enough to deliver reliable disinfection results.Control A well-designed ozone system must include the instruments necessary for control of the unstable and highly reactive gas.

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Contact Time Contact (or residence) time becomes a crucial parameter when trying to calculate concentration and time values following the MTE for any given water system.

To meet oxidation and disinfection goals, the ozone solution must be mixed promptly with the surrounding water in the tank to deliver a homogenous single-phase solution.