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This XAML creates a form that changes the Text Block as you type in the Text Box, as shown in Figure 4. A bound control Congratulations: you have your first binding! In this simple example, it does not seem too onerous to do data binding this way; however, as your XAML documents grow, it is likely that this verbose syntax will become cumbersome.

To alleviate this problem, XAML supports a shorthand version of the binding syntax.

Within the provider, we have created XML inline, to use as the source of the data binding.

In the previous examples, we are using the Element Name property, which is used to bind to a control, instead of using the Source property. There are two types of data providers built into XAML: Object Data Provider and Xml Data Provider.

If you do not, please see Time Sneath's Hitchhiker's Guide to WPF Beta 1 article for an overview. Add(item) Next End Sub You can see in this code that we are loading up an XML document with the RSS feed, and filling in the List Box with the titles of all the entries. Since we have already set the Data Context, we can simply specify the XPath expression in order to get to the pieces of the RSS Feeds that we need. In the following section, I have broken down many of the ideas you saw in the preceding example into more manageable bites.

If you are getting started with WPF, you might wonder whether it is easier to avoid learning data binding, and instead just write code to do most of the data manipulation in your projects. Next, we will need to handle what happens when a selection is made in the List Box. This is quite a lot to try to swallow in a single gulp. To start with a simple example of how the Binding object works, let's look at the following very simple XAML document.

Within the Stack Panel's resources, we have an Xml Data Provider object.

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The x: Key signifies the name to use in order to refer to it in Binding objects.

For most applications, you will want to bind to more significant sources, such as XML or . The Object Data Provider is used for binding to and from .