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20-Nov-2016 03:49

What he found is that successful profiles define “who I am,” rather than “what I want.” Profiles that listed what the person wants out of a relationship, or dealbreakers, or the physical attributes they’re looking for, received uniformly negative responses.Mc Bentleson plays the audio of the actor reading the profile while simultaneously playing the corresponding graph of the focus group’s reaction to the profile.There are a few hopeless middle-aged men, and a lot of middle-aged women. Pretty basic stuff, like show up on time and don’t sext before the date.One of these women, who I’ll call Diane, is here because “I’ve been complaining about not being on any dates, so my friend signed me up.” Diane is a Manhattan resident in her 50s with blonde hair and striking green eyes. Although I guess if she’s saying it, it must need to be said.

“We message a few times, we even make plans, and then poof! He’s six-four, has a hammy sense of humor, and is dressed like a hipster professor in a brown blazer, maroon vest, and multicolored wingtips.Brad's infamous "Underground Dating Seminar," recorded in front of a live audience in Manhattan in 2006.

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