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Until the erection of modern earthen fortifications in the second half of the XVI century walls, connecting the two buildings, standing over a moat filled with water.

After the adaptation works Torture House became the seat of the Amber Museum forming part of the Historical Museum of Gdansk.

The remnants of an antique fortified wall with a gate dating from III-IV century, the churches from V-VI century and the ones dating from the medieval period (X-XIV century), which are fine works of the medieval Bulgarian and Byzantine architecture, the 60 houses of the revival period, give the town unique appearance and atmosphere.Described during Thracian times as "the biggest and most beautiful towns in all of Thrace," this town is still the jewel in Bulgaria's crown, with diverse culture and millennial history.Plovdiv has more than 200 known archaeological sites, 30 of which are of national importance.Historic landmarks include the 10th century Boyana Church (one of the UNESCO World Heritage protected sites), the Alexander Nevski Cathedral (one of the world's largest Orthodox churches), and the early Byzantine Church of St Sophia.

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Sofia houses numerous museums, notably the National Historical Museum, the Bulgarian Natural History Museum, the Museum of Earth and Men. It has a lively nightlife scene with many different night clubs, live venues, pubs, mehani (Bulgarian traditional taverns), and restaurants.

The resort boasts 25 km of excellent ski-runs and 38 km of cross-country skiing tracks served by 18 lifts with a total capacity of 8500 persons per hour.