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She has just launched her formal accessory brand — Taylor & Rose — a collection of couture-inspired headpieces, crowns and hair accessories.She enjoys the world of business but says no one should underestimate how tough — but ultimately rewarding — it is to set up your own company “In this day and age there are so many resources available but being in business is a very personal thing,” she says. But this gives our clients confidence when we say we are off to Cannes that not only do we know what we’re doing but others agree.“We have become used to ordering via nmobile from the likes of Hailo, Just Eat and Deliveroo so it is becoming more and more natural for us to pay for what we want like this.“Using our app allows businesses to have more customers and higher throughput and delivers a better experience for the customers,” he says.“I dedicate my week to college and then the weekend to the business.I really am enjoying learning about business.” She keeps an open mind on how far the business can go, but for now the focus is on expanding the number of stockists around Ireland and, as well as developing the Marsh Sisters internet shop.But despite the growing success, Whelan knows of the challenges. “It is a rollercoaster; you can have months of nothing going your way.

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