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02-Apr-2017 05:15

Regardless of who's moving their avatars around, they can only ever be placed in a spot on the Tabletop.You can't drag it atop the Tabletop Toolbar or over the Sidebar.

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Further down on the My Settings tab, past the Video Voice heading is the Video Audio Chat Options Options heading.

You can choose between GM Controlled or Player Controlled.

It's important to note that when the Game Master rearranges the locations of the avatars on the Tabletop, these new positions are set on the Players' ends as well.

Instead of a volume slider on your avatar, you'll find a mute button.

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You can use this to mute your mic if you don't have the physical means for it on your microphone itself.

This is the avatar's handle that you can click and drag the avatar to a new location on the Tabletop.